Take The Destiny of The Business Into Your Hands

A practical game plan for business owners in pre-retirement (ages 50+) to confidently take the fate of the business into their own hands in 30 days (or less!) for retirement peace of mind.

  • Estimate Your Retirement Needs;

  • Quickly Calculate the Value of Your Business;

  • Easily Protect Your Business with a Business Continuity Plan;

  • Confidently Evaluate Potential Successors for Your Business;

  • Draft a Succession Plan for Your Business;

  • Learn How to Sell Your Business at its Fair Market Price or Higher!

  • If you’re looking for the exact steps to use your business to provide for yourself and your family in your retirement, then this course is for you... SAVE YOUR SEAT NOW!


Meet Rochelle Clarke

Founder & CEO of Succession Strength; Author, Speaker... and much more!

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Is This Course Right for Me?

We've done it, we've seen it and we are proud to support business owners who:

  • recognize the need to start planning for retirement but want step-by-step guidance and easy to follow direction in one central place;

  • are undecided about what to do with their business - whether to sell, transfer, close or something else;

  • are confused about which professionals they really need to hire and which they don’t;

  • want to save time and money with done-for-you templates, how-to videos, checklists, and workbooks


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Retirement for Business Owners: The Complete Formula?

    This is the name of the actual course produced by Succession Strength. It's there to break down the essential steps a business owner needs to complete as they prepare to use their business reach their desired retirement goals.

  • Could you explain what the step-by-step process is?

    It is essential that I set you up with the proper tools AND teach you how to use them to ensure you will be successful in implementing the Formula and confidently planning for the future of your business. The entire course has 3 learning formats: VIDEO (for on-screen tutorials and presentations – not just the instructor talking to a screen!); AUDIO; and TEXT. Everything is taught online. You won't need to install anything! All you need is a device with an internet connection, and you'll find everything online once you log in to the course platform.

  • How much time do I have to complete the course?

    There is no time limit to complete the course. Work at your own pace. Access is for your lifetime and the course materials are for you to keep. Breaks in between may be necessary to soak up all the learnings and perform the exercises. Whenever you’re ready, the course will always be there for you to access.

  • Is this course OK for beginners to the retirement process?

    Yes, it's suited for students of all levels. The course material covers both elementary and more advanced information, in a mix that is applicable for business owners of all levels regardless of experience or level of preparation for retirement. Participants will be able to understand and receive sufficient guidance and support to protect their business and create a plan to confidently use it in retirement.

  • I may not be from the same country as the other participants, will the material still apply?

    The information that we present is comprehensive but general enough to apply to all business owners regardless of where they live. We do not provide legal, financial or accounting advice although we indicate which areas require legal, financial, tax or accounting, etc review.